UTV/SXS Test & Tune - Private Lessons - Gold Coast

UTV/SXS Test & Tune - Private Lessons -  Gold Coast
From AUD $180.00
  • Location: Alberton, QLD
  • Product code: UTVSXSTT

UTV/SXS Test & Tune - Gold Coast Location

Private Lessons with Chris Western, Australian Off Road Racer

This one hour session includes:

Track Hire

*Gravel Surface with jumps, turns & long straights

Driving techniques


*Race Lines 

*SXS Car Control

SXS Suspension Set Up 

*Rebound & Compression Control

*Spring Rate Adjustment

*SXS Set up Ride Height & Corner Speed

This programme is designed for UTV Owners that would like to get the most of driving their SXS/UTV. We offer first class training in your Vehicle. We can teach your family about the safe way to operate and drive one of these so you can go out and have a heap of fun.

With over 50 years of combined experience in Off Road Racing all over the World the Off Road Rush Team are the most Experienced Team in the Business. 

Chris Western is an Australian Off Road Champion, a Score International BAJA 1000 Racer, including being the only Australian to ever Iron Man this Event and  Chris knows Off Road Vehicles like yours inside out. His exceptional finishing record in Off Road Events has come down to the detailed knowledge, race prepping and Suspension set up on Off Road Vehicles. 

Chris is excited to be able to formally share his knowledge and passion for Off Road Driving with you.