**NEW** RUSH BUGGY - BUGGY Complete Flat Pack

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  • Product code: RTBFPCOMPLETE

Weld it yourself and customize your Buggy your way.

125 x 92" with Trophy Truck 'J' Arm Suspension

1 3/4"" Chromoly Roll Cage Tubing, extra wide cab

    • All plans and maps
    • Chassis 
    • Front Arm Kit - Top arms, bottoms arms and uprights fully tig welded and assembled
    • Rear Shock Mounts
    • All pivot points
    • Rear Arm Kit - fully tig welded and assembled

    Rush BUGGY Chassis

    **Weld these parts yourself**
    • 1 3/4"" Chromoly Roll Cage Tubing 
    • Laser cut 4130 Chromoly Tube
    • Front and Rear pivot suspension plates
    • Mini Chasis jig table to locate front and rear suspension points
    Rush BUGGY Flat Pack Shock Mounts
    **Weld these parts yourself**
    • Front Bulkhead with steering rack mount/upper shock mounts
    • Front upper arms suspension pivot plates
    • Rear upper boxed shock mounts
    RUSH BUGGY Front Suspension  - TIG Welded
    **These parts come TIG Welded**
    • Front uprights
    • Machined for a 4140 spindle
    • Caliper mounts for 4 or 6 piston brakes
    • TIG welded Chromoly Boxed Front lower and upper arms
    RUSH BUGGY Rear Arms  - TIG Welded
    **These parts come TIG Welded**
    • Chromolly Boxed TIG welded Rear Arms
    • Using inner bush pivot with outer hiem joint.  These are made with a hub plate mount for you to weld on your specific brand of hub plate

    **Shipping is not included and will be an additional cost. Shipping can be arranged by Rush Trucks and charged to the purchaser or the purchaser can arrange own shipping.